About Abby

My name is Abby. I’m a twenty-something photographer who is obsessed with light and people. I’m not the “my-parents-placed-a-Leica-in-my-crib” or “I-can-and-will-debate-about-Nikon-vs-Canon-for-hours” kind of photographer.


I’d rather learn about you. What makes you happy. What you love. Who you love.


I’d rather take pictures that 20 years from now will bring you right back to that moment.

I capture the way you squint your eyes when you smile at your husband. The eyes of the baby girl  gazing up at her daddy while she waits to be scooped into his arms. The guilty look of brothers who just got their new clothes muddy right before family pictures. The tears of a father seeing his daughter in her wedding dress.

Genuine will always trump posed.

Real will always beat perfect.

And when you leave out trying to be perfect, this life we live is oh so heart breakingly beautiful.

Our job is to never stop noticing that.


Your friend,






I will never, ever make your eyes, skin, teeth or anything else that was never meant to,  glow like a lava lamp from the 90′s.  You’re welcome.


Photo credit: alittlerojo